Tell us your communication needs and we will come up with creative video formats to deliver your message—that’s what 87seconds does in a nutshell. From short Facebook pieces through commercials and showreels, 87seconds knows that videos make the internet go round. How do they stand out from other creative agencies though?

Granted, they’re the only video communication agency with a pan-European presence. Despite the agency’s young age, 87seconds can already boast six branches in Brussels, Paris, Lyon, Geneva, Amsterdam, and Madrid. The keys to employee happiness are empowerment, freedom, variety. Projects vary in terms of content, but also technology—film, 2D animation, 3D animation, stop motion, 360°, virtual reality... You name it, 87seconds works with it. 

  • 2012Creation year
  • Icon for High-trust cultureHigh-trust culture
  • 27Average age
  • Icon for High-performanceHigh-performance
  • 60Employees
  • Icon for InnovativeInnovative

Access by bus

Bus stop: 
29 47 66 71 88
150 m

Access by tram

Tram stop: 
Porte de Flandre
100 m


Your audiovisual future

What sort of people would be a good addition to the 87seconds team? Digital minded self starters are the best fit, but if you are smart with a mindblowing portolio (designers) or a passion for sales figures (account managers), you already have their attention!

87seconds aims at building a team of people passionate about video communications, providing great possibilities for self-accomplishment, social interaction and independence. If you like any of the available job postings, don't hesitate to apply!  

Spontaneous application

The 87seconds team is constantly looking for talented and energetic people to add within their ranks. Go ahead and submit your application if you like their work culture!

We're looking for people who bring energy, rather than take energy.

Philip Swinnen, Managing Director

Circles of expertise is an informal way of bringing together the best people for the job, whatever your title. Switch around if you want to try something new.