A career in wellbeing

You might want to reconsider your current job. 

Because they're hiring people at Aspria.

When entering Aspria, whether privately or for business, you step into the magical world of relaxation. There are two kinds of careers at Aspria – the operational crew that keeps the club's amenities going, and the administrative team that runs the company in the background. Whichever one of the two matches your profile, Aspria will take good care of you. 

Would you turn down spending your days in Aspria's deluxe interiors? And how about being pampered with extra benefits, like using the club facilities to your heart's desire, accompanied by family?

  • 2000Creation year
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  • 35Average age
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  • 135Employees
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Access by car

Easily accessible by car, with ample parking onsite

Access by bus

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Aspire more

Are you passionate about sports and wellbeing? Do you like engaging with people and building positive relationships? Are you ambitious and approachable, and you like to treat every person you meet as though they are the most important person you'll meet today? 

Aspria knows that happy employees are full of energy and they like to help others. To promote mutual respect and 'thank you' culture, they launched the We Care program. Customers and employees can give feedback about positive interactions they have at the club. The person who makes the biggest difference is picked and rewarded every quarter. 

It is by fostering all of these qualities that Aspria keeps its leading position on the market. Do you like to play with the winners? Send us your application and we will match you up with the top wellness club in Belgium.

Spontaneous application

You haven't found a matching opportunity but you are sure that Aspria needs you? Click 'apply' to send us your CV, and we will make sure it gets to the right person. 

At Aspria, we like to think of recruiting new staff for Aspria as “Treasure Hunting” – seeking out talented and enthusiastic people who will enhance our business and who in turn will be enhanced by working for Aspria.