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How would you like to work from home? Just imagine, you’re standing in your kitchen, looking out over a garden, maybe you’ve got your dog snoozing on the sofa in the other room… while you’re envisioning how you will finalise the application you’re working on, how this will serve the client’s needs, how it will leave all competition behind because you just know that what you're working on is the best of the best... Sound good?

Welcome to Begima. A developers’ enterprise that has its offices in a beautiful and calm open house in Oudergem, Brussels. The boss’s office in the middle of the living room and all the different rooms of the house are customised to work in. 

Begima’s mentality can be summed up in two phrases. “Nothing is impossible” and “Let’s have fun.” The first one is their attitude towards new challenging projects and innovative product development. The second one illustrates the passion and eagerness that Begima cultivates when it comes to their knowhow, their technical skills and their hard core commercial je ne sais quoi.

  • 2015Creation year
  • Icon for High-trust cultureHigh-trust culture
  • 28Average age
  • Icon for Family feelFamily feel
  • 10Employees
  • Icon for InnovativeInnovative

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Easily accessible by car from the Brussels ring or highway E411

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metro hermann-debroux

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… while you develop your style.

Working at Begima means working in a small and diverse team of developers and sales people. Get ready to bring out the best in yourself when working here, because you will be screened on your passion, for the fun you have with your skills and talents and your zest for life. 

When people are integrated in the way of working at Begima, working from home and working flexible hours becomes possible. Instead of installing a rigid policy, Begima’s boss Gilles believes in a freestyle management approach that can be reassessed in every case. So if working independently is natural for you and if you are eager to learn and to be challenged, keep reading! If your vision really aligns with that of the company you might be able to buy shares.

The working methodology is streamlined through a gamification program that allows to complete tasks and follow up on processes in a fun and efficient way. Everyone working at Begima also works with the same operating systems and the same tools. This way all the work can easily be shared between coworkers.

So, are you ready to bring your skills to a next level?

Spontaneous application

You don't see an exact job opening for your profile, but you just feel that Begima and you are a match made in heaven? Send us your CV! We'll make sure they'll hear from you!

Begima's offices featured in the video of one of their partners, Viva Wallet