Excellence, solidarity, originality

They call it a Californian way of working – rock solid professionalism that would give any tech giant a run for their money. Add uproaring craziness, digital talent and an endless desire for personal and collective growth, and you'll have blue2purple.

blue2purple is a fast growing digital media agency with clients like Brussels Airlines, 20th Century Fox, Europ Assistance, CinéTéléRevue, Goodyear and many more. They were also the first Belgian Google partner agency and the first Belgian Facebook Blueprint enterprise. With offices in Brussels, Paris and Madagascar, blue2purple believes that a company grows when people grow, and that the youngest of the team needs to be heard as much as the CEO. 

  • 2008Creation year
  • Icon for Training programTraining program
  • 27Average age
  • Icon for Work-life balanceWork-life balance
  • 37Employees
  • Icon for High-performanceHigh-performance

Access by car

Easily reachable by car with free parking in the Bois de la Cambre!

Access by tram

Tram stop: 
93, 94


Never stop learning

Because they want to get to know who you really are, how you respond to certain situations, how you deal with stress, what your strengths are and where your weaknesses lie... they do role playing games during the job interviews. Yep. 

They want to take on board eager and hungry learners who are always looking for a next challenge in a world where digital media strategies evolve in the blink of an eye. They hire them for their character traits and train them for technical skills inside the company. At blue2purple you enter the school of professional life—how to learn from your mistakes, how to let the collective wellbeing predominate over your own personal interest and how to overcome any difficulty through creativity and teamwork. 

In this enterprise the average age is low, yet the work life balance is well taken care of and people are encouraged to leave the office at 5pm. However, when something urgent or imperative lies on the table, they don't hesitate to call on people for 7am breakfast meetings. 

Do you want to work in a company that is cemented by solidarity amongst coworkers? Do you want to feel part of the cutting-edge digital development strategists? Do you never want to stop learning?

Spontaneous application

There's no exact job opening for your profile at blue2purple but everything about this company is ringing your bells? Send us your CV! We'll make sure it reaches them.