Ready to make your move?

If you don't like where you are – move! We were not meant to stay forever in one place, tells us D'Ieteren Auto. Moving is in the nature of this automobile distributor, which is the biggest of the Volkswagen group and supplies one in every four cars in Belgium.

The company was established in 1805, which makes it older than Belgium! But despite its long history, the atmosphere in D’Ieteren Auto is refreshingly modern. Their offices are decorated with style and filled with technology, and the D'Ieteren staff spans across 4 generations.

  • 1805Creation year
  • Icon for Career pathCareer path
  • 37Average age
  • Icon for ResponsibleResponsible
  • 1700Employees
  • Icon for Market leaderMarket leader

Access by car

Visitor parking available. Contact D'Ieteren to reserve a spot!

Access by train

Gare du Midi | Zuidstation
3 km. Une navette circule entre la gare et le bureau | Een shuttle bus rijdt tussen het station en het kantoor.


Are you part of D'Ieteren's future?

The profiles that D'Ieteren are looking for are becoming more and more varied. Naturally, there are the car geeks who take the job for their love of automobiles, but there is a growing need for IT, administration, and financial profiles. The stability of jobs is an important factor. This 1700-people company makes around 100 new hires per year, and most of the times the existing employees leave is for retirement.

How does D’Ieteren retain its employees? One of the ways is by offering good career advancement opportunities. All staff get an average of 3.7 days of training per year, with an additional assessment process for the management. It is not unusual for an employee to advance from an entry job to an executive level.

Take a look at the open positions, who knows where your adventure with D’Ieteren might take you!

Spontaneous application

What if drive and ambition were more important than the number of diplomas? And what if we hired people for their dreams and projects, rather than for those of the company? Send us you CV, because D'Ieteren wants to get to know you!

In life, you either raise dust, or you eat it.

Patrick Leroux CSP HoF, coach at D'Ieteren