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Work hard, play responsibly

There are many pesky clichés that the companies in the gaming and gambling industry wrestle with. Golden Palace Casino & Sports is a prime example of how to reconcile gaming and its risky allure with responsibility and care. As a founding member of the Belgian Association of Gaming Operators, the company's priority is protecting players by creating a fair and safe gaming experience.

Golden Palace Casino & Sports provides space for gaming - be it physical location in game rooms and casinos, or online platform to enjoy your favourite games or place a sports bet. With its 45 game rooms, Golden Palace Casino & Sports is the number one network in Belgium, and is within the top 6 online gaming platforms.

  • 1963Creation year
  • Icon for ResponsibleResponsible
  • 40Average age
  • Icon for Work-life balanceWork-life balance
  • 350Employees
  • Icon for Market leaderMarket leader

Access by car

Large parking for employers and visitors. Entrance from rue du Général Biebuyck.

Access by bus

Bus stop: 
550 m

Access by tram

Tram stop: 
700 m


Bet your career

Golden Palace Casino & Sports strives not just to maintain an already working machine, but to carry on developing to keep up with the constantly changing technology. The online team counts 10 people at the moment and is planning to double in the next year. It's an easy feat, seeing that it only took them 18 months to grow from 250 to the 350 people they are at the moment.

The growth is meant to be sustainable though, with a constant rhythm to it and no unhealthy pressure on the employees. Life/work balance is very respected. Golden Palace Casino & Sports started as a family business and continues to promote the family values. Granted, game rooms and casinos are open 24/7, but the impacted staff members get enough time to recuperate between the shifts. Those working in the headquarters enjoy flexible hours - most start work between 7:30-9:30 and finish between 16:30-18:30. And Friday you get to go home an hour early - if that's not a dream way to start your weekend, we don't know what is!

Are you excited about joining this company that is all about responsible play? Are you committed, proactive, curious, and like multi-tasking? Do you smile at the idea of a team building at a casino? Then don’t gamble away your luck and check the open positions right now.

Spontaneous application

You hear your bells go 'ding' when reading about Golden Palace Casino & Sports, but there is no right vacancy for you open at the moment? Send us your CV! We will make sure the ball lands in the right place.

We take gaming seriously and encourage our players to set their own limits.