Then and now in perfect symbiosis

You may have not heard of IPM Group, but to not know the brands it owns is literally impossible: La Libre, Paris-Match, or La DH are newspapers with history going back as far as 1884, and are read by 1,3 million Belgians. And it is exactly this prestige and the sense of contributing to something bigger that unites all the people working there.

The team is large and varied: there are people who have been with IPM since its founding, there are journalists and print specialists who have dedicated most of their careers to the company, and there is the "fresh blood," the agile-minded, digitally focused Millennial generation made of recent graduates and young adults. 

The CEO François le Hodey makes it clear: the young are the future. IPM is undergoing a transformation from a press group to technology group, and he fully trusts his newly acquired hires to steer the company in that direction. 

  • 1991Creation year
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  • 40Average age
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  • 350Employees
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Access by car

Easily accessible by car. Parking is provided for all employees and visitors.

Access by bus

Bus stop: 
22, 27, 61, 80
130 m

Access by tram

Tram stop: 
130 m


Respect, freedom, and family feel

If there is one thing that defines all interactions in the company, it is the mutual respect - of the CEO towards his people, of the experienced colleagues towards the recently hired juniors, and vice versa. The company really values the know-how of coworkers and goes to great lengths to retain them, so internal rotation is encouraged. If you've lost some steam and need a change, you will likely find something for yourself among the many positions at IPM. 

Are you patient and eager to help a large organisation through a transition phase? Do you like to structure your work yourself, and to independently figure out the whats and the hows of a new job? Do you want to be where the traditional meets the modern? Then look no further, you may have just found your perfect workplace. 

Spontaneous application

Haven't found that perfect position, but you know IPM Group needs to meet you? Send us your CV, we'll take care of it!

Having grown up with technology gives young people an expert position at IPM. It's very rewarding for more junior employees. 

Diego Riera Diaz, Innovation Manager at IPM Group