Something never before seen

Keyence is a company that specialises in industry automation. Sensors, microscopes, laser markers, and vision systems are some of the products designed by the people at Keyence. The ambition is to anticipate future needs, with their R&D department in Japan busy spotting trends and keeping an eye on the industry.

Out of all their products, 70% are first to the market. If, for instance, Company A needs a conveyor belt for product inspection, Keyence might design the scanner that checks the products for the right size, colours, code, etc. If such scanner already exist, they will propose an improved version that works 10% faster while increasing the image resolution 10-fold. 

  • 1974Creation year
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  • 6602Employees
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Melting pot of nationalities

You can see a lot of Western influence in the company's culture. Everyone sits in an open space, including the managers. The hierarchy is flat and everyone’s ideas are considered of high value and encouraged. That's why the management created Kizuki - a special mailbox for employees to share their ideas of improvement.

The company has seen a big growth spurt in 2018, when the European employees more than doubled in number. The environment has since become extraordinarily international – in the Belgian office for instance, 80% of the employees are non-locals.

What kind of personality would flourish at Keyence? There are three characteristics that are the best warrant of fitting into the company culture: ownership, flexibility, and coachability. Does that sound like your sushi roll? Then go ahead and check their open positions!

Spontaneous application

You've taken a look at the vacancies at Keyence but don't find the one the fits you? Send us your CV and we will make sure it gets into the right hands.

Our corporate culture is such that you have open access to anyone, including myself, in order to get the job done. We will listen to your ideas with respect, regardless of job title and experience. You will learn every day how to think deeply and act proactively.

Mr. Akinori Yamamoto, President and Representative Director at Keyence

Since Keyence is a leader in new technologies – industrial automation, you have a great chance to improve your technical and sales skills. With honest attitude and hard work you can grow and build a solid career.

Jan, Area Sales Manager