The art of joy

Ambition. Recognition. Freedom. Trust. These are the words you will see coming back if you scroll down LindaCare’s Twitter feed. It clearly belongs to a company that made helping patients and healthcare professionals their core purpose. 

As the word goes, the company's origins go back to a Microsoft hackathon, where the future CEO Shahram Sharif listened to the story of a cardiology nurse named Linda, talking about the complexity and challenges of using multiple systems to monitor remotely her patients.

Soon after, LindaCare was born. Its OnePulse platform unifies all cardiac monitoring systems, bringing back the joy into the lives of patients and their caretakers. 

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Access by car

Plenty of parking in the street! However, LindaCare promotes a healthy lifestyle and prefers to reimburse public transport.

Access by bus

Bus stop: 
Gare d'Etterbeek
1000 m

Access by tram

Tram stop: 
5, 7, 25
350 m


Enjoy life more

LindaCare is a lot about giving, and that includes the people who make the magic happen - the team members! Since they are hired based on their passion, ambitions and values being aligned with those of the company, there is no need to look over anyone's shoulder. You have the freedom to work from home to your heart's desire, as long as the work moves on swiftly. 

With employees and contractors in Belgium, France, UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Finland, California, and Pennsylvania, LindaCare makes sure to create opportunities for the team to get together at least three times per year for a team meeting, filled with equal parts of education, problem-solving, and fun. 

Paraphrasing a famous Greek philosopher, if there is one thing that's constant at LindaCare, it's change. Routine-loving, surprise-abhorring personalities might not be comfortable in this dynamic environment. Or feel taken aback when the CEO calls for a break during a team meeting to get everyone outside for a few squats and jumps. 

You've got it: this company is like few others. Purpose- and value-driven, focused on truly making a difference. Not everyone will fit in such environment, but you will certainly stand a good ground if you cover the base of the pyramid (aka the 4 P's):

When the Purpose is right, everything else falls into place. We would also mention one more P: Planning. With freedom comes responsibility, so good organisation skills are a must to make sure work happens up to LindaCare's ambitions. 

Have you got what it takes? Send us your CV!

Spontaneous application

You've got the passion to help others and would love to put your brains and hearts together with the people at LindaCare? Send us your CV even if your profile doesn't match any of their open positions. They're growing fast and might have more openings soon!