Work smarter, not harder

MyNextCompany (previously known as Clearsource) is a recruitment company that doesn’t settle for status quo. They question, create buzz, do things differently. Every year is marked by a new trend and a new direction, and it can all be summed up as people-centric digital transformation. As soon as there is a new tool or app relevant for the business, you can be sure MyNextCompany is on it.

If employees are energy, it is the ambition of managers at MyNextCompany to make this energy flow the smoothest possible. Recruiters and account managers work in a project mode supporting each other. No place for sharky games here! These folks are gentle as dolphins, and like dolphins they achieve best results when they work as a team, focused on the common goal. And it must be working for them, since they're booming—they've doubled in office space, hired 8 new people and grew their sales by 108% only in the past year!

  • 2005Creation year
  • Icon for High-trust cultureHigh-trust culture
  • 29Average age
  • Icon for Family feelFamily feel
  • 25Employees
  • Icon for InnovativeInnovative

Access by car

Just off exit 19 of the E40, next to the Cora shopping mall. Underground parking for employees.

Access by bus

Bus stop: 
Andromeda, Gulledelle
27, 45, 79, 178
150 m


Happiness is the highest level of success

What counts at MyNextCompany is results, not the hours you slave away at your desk. See the managing partners Alban and Nico? They believe that happy employees equal efficient employees. They will encourage you to take a break for the table football tournament or a birthday get-together in the cafeteria. Heck, they even installed a shower in the refurbished offices to make it easier for you to go running at lunch time.

Are you naturally motivated? Ridiculously ambitious? Remarkably clever? A table football freak and a telephone addict? Then you've got what it takes!

Spontaneous application

You haven't found the ideal job opening, but you're itching to let MyNextCompany know you exist? Most definitely send us your CV! We will do our best to find something for you.