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Functional Analyst

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Job description

Your Responsibilities

  • Be an authority in your area of specialization;
  • Analyze the existing systems and highlight areas of improvement;
  • Enhance opportunities by identifying new software/service to be developed;
  • Analyze and decompose complex requirements;
  • Present solutions, ideas and recommendations that serves the requirements;
  • Document the discussions, concepts and the finalized scope;
  • Perform gap analysis and recommend solutions;
  • Fulfill the role of a subject matter expert in requirement elicitation;
  • Document requirements by creating functional specifications and prepare wireframes/flowcharts;
  • Oversee the development of the product as per the specifications;
  • Facilitate change and configuration management ;
  • Monitor performance, discover variances and propose necessary actions;
  • Validate the functionality of the end product according to the requirement specifications;
  • Prepare technical user manuals, system configuration documents and other technical reports.




    As a Functional Analyst, you will be involved in the development of programs and applications that will optimize the interactions of the organization with its customers. You will support the organization to achieve its business goalsby translating business requirements into functional specifications that align with the strategic objectives.



    • Thorough knowledge of the area of specialization;
    • Thorough understanding of user interface design, information architecture, and human factors;
    • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other UI development tools is a plus;
    • Understanding of graphic design and UI/UX concepts;
    • Analytical and investigation skills ;
    • Ability to understand the bigger picture;
    • Working knowledge of data and process modelling;
    • Elicitation and comprehension skills ;
    • Grip over database concepts like DBMS, ETL and SQL;
    • Good command over spoken and written communication;
    • Organizational and presentation skills ;
    • Interpersonal and managerial skills ;
    • A solid command of English, knowledge of French and/or Dutch is a plus;
    • Outward personality, out of the box thinking and understanding of human psyche.