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R&D engineer C#

East-Flanders Province

Job description

Senior C# Engineer


We are actively looking for a great scale up company in Aalst for talented C# engineers.They are innovators in the graphic arts industry – providing companies with the software they need to be innovative as well. That software needs to be developed, preferably by someone with some lean, mean code writing skills.



  • Just like you,they know the .net development environment. However, they don’t rely on the .net library. They operate on a different level. And they  need passionate developers who are willing to go as far as they are.
  • You will help improving and customizing their high tech software solution for their clients
  • They are looking for an A+ in C# and/or C++.



  • You know your line of work and were born ready to take API, Webservices and Agile development to the next level.
  • If you have 5 years of working experience in a multilingual team environment, great!
  • If you know the graphic arts industry, even better. (we don’t expect you to bring in design skills, but some familiarity with the technical ins and outs would come in handy.)
  • You speak Fluently English!
  • Add a proven track record in some kick-ass code development and the portfolio to show for, we’re opening the door. JavaScript, TypeScrips or C++ experience will get you an extra foot in the door.