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Senior DevOps Engineer

Job start As soon as possible

Job description

We are currently looking for a Senior DevOps profile for an IT eDevelopment department.  Its core activity is to develop and maintain different customer-facing communication channels and APIs, such as online shops, self service tools, api's for 3rd party iOS/Android apps, OpenID authentication, etc.

At IT eDevelopment, you will focus focus on the customer and search for a perfect balance between flexibility and professionalism, resulting in qualitative deliveries while respecting the deadline.



As a Devops working for multiple full stack java teams, you are responsible for optimizing the CI/CD pipeline and working together with infrastructure teams to set up a docker/kubernetes/openshift environment.

The application landscape in IT Delivery is diverse, and you will be the driving force to streamline automated testing, building and deployment of (mainly) java applications. Communication with other teams is crucial, as you will be guiding the development, infrastructure and release management teams to set up an automated pipeline.


The current CI/CD pipeline is based on Jenkins 2 scripted pipelines using code as configuration, and is maintained by developers with limited devops skills. We are looking for an experienced devops profile to guide this team of motivated developers to continue the trend of automated docker deploys all the way to production.




  1. Improve and maintain the CI/CD pipeline, currently based on Jenkins 2;
  2. Migrate from manual deployment of war/ear files to automated deployment of docker images;
  3. Automate infrastructure setup using ansible;
  4. Guide infrastructure teams on how to set up a reliable environment using docker/kubernetes/openshift;
  5. Coach developers on how to use docker;
  6. Integrate the CI/CD pipeline with other tools used by other teams, like JIRA, Ansible, ...



  • At least 3 years relevant experience as devops
  • Expert knowledge of docker, including running docker based solutions in production
  • Expert knowledge of Jenkins 2 pipelines
  • Experience with kubernetes
  • Experience with ansible
  • Experience with scripting languages such as python, groovy, bash
  • Experience with Spring boot and other serverless solutions is a bonus
  • Confident with Git and GIT workflow
  • Confident to coach other colleagues
  • Agile mindset
  • Excellent spoken/written in English, Dutch is a bonus
  • You are a team player with an own opinion and contribution
  • You can work independently and in team
  • You are able to gather knowledge from you team, as well as sharing your own
  • You take responsibility
  • You can handle stress situations, and have patience when needed
  • You are able to organize and prioritize your work
  • You have very strong communication skills
  • You can properly document your solutions