Who is Optimy?

The question is easy to answer when you enter their office at lunchtime. It’s so buzzing with laughter and energy, that you could think you’re at a university campus. Make no mistake though—when the fun is over, the Optimy folks are focused and hard working.

All ideas are considered and everything is possible in this software company, which also means you'll need to buckle up if you’re to enjoy the ride! Fast-paced, creative, entrepreneurial, and challenging to keep up with at times—these are just a few words to describe Optimy. 

  • 2011Creation year
  • Icon for High-trust cultureHigh-trust culture
  • 28Average age
  • Icon for High-performanceHigh-performance
  • 36Employees
  • Icon for InnovativeInnovative

Access by bus

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140 m


Come as you are

And now let's allow the geek in us to say a few words —what is really special about Optimy is the way they work. TDD, or test-driven development is truly at the core of Optimy's methodology. Moreover, the company is planning to allocate 30% of time on re-factoring this year. That's right, one third of the year spent on making the code clean and sustainable. If you are responsible, own your projects and don't take no for an answer, then Optimy may be just the right place for you.

Spontaneous application

The Optimy team is evolving and constantly on the lookout for talented, enthusiastic and resourceful people to reach together a common goal: working in a fun environment while becoming a global leader in the market!

In your field, you are your own entrepreneur.

Olivier Hoareau, Marketing Manager