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Senior .NET Developer

Job start As soon as possible

Job description

We are looking for a senior .NET software engineer for project development (TrackPro, MOTIF, ...) and corrective and evolutionary maintenance of applications.

Purpose of the function:

  • As a Senior .NET Developer, you have the opportunity to collaborate on projects full of challenges both technically and functionally: planning and optimizing maintenance of the track and switchgear infrastructure.
  • As a highly technological company, we greatly appreciate and value your technical capabilities. Agile software development forms its core in addition to source control, continuous integration, modern development hardware and up-to-date development teams.


  • Creation of business value is very important
  • Very broad technical background
  • Is not afraid to look further than the only Microsoft stack, for example in OSS libraries / frameworks to learn from it
  • Ready to transmit knowledge, ready to find a good technical solution for all types of problems, ready to promote the general quality of the code. He must be able to coach junior developers
  • Important: This project is both back-end and front-end oriented. Equivalent attention will therefore be paid to the technical skills necessary for the back-end than for the front-end.


  • At least 5 years’ experience with .NET & C#
  • Very good knowledge of WEBapi & Entity framework
  • Very good knowledge of Visual Studio 2015 / 2017, PostgreSQL, SQL Server
  • Good knowledge of front-end development (Javascript, Angular, HTML, CSS)
  • Customer oriented
  • Fluent in Dutch or French and good knowledge of English