Walloon Brabant Province


Bigger than the sum of its parts

Production. Where the linguist meets the business developer. ABC spells MBA in the booming business of understanding each other.

Productions's employer model is perfectly designed to match the current translation business. The internal team of 11 is complemented by a rotating team of 2-3 international interns and an external team of over 300 freelancers. They also provide a launching platform for young translators who just entered the market and by doing so support the needs of the sector. And they support humanitarian NGOs, such as Translators without Borders, Action Damien, and World Villages for Children.

  • 1985Creation year
  • Icon for ResponsibleResponsible
  • 35Average age
  • Icon for Family feelFamily feel
  • 10Employees
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La Hulpe Gare

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La Hulpe
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Talent translates into growth

In a spirit of constant growth and improvement, the management believes that it's their responsibility to increase the employability of their people. "Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to," to quote Richard Branson. The company also has a constant flux of people doing internships, which keeps the workplace young, academic and fresh. And needless to say that in a house full of translators, people come from everywhere and have travelled a lot.

Is working in a multicultural environment natural for you? Do you believe your personal development runs parallel to the development of the company you work for? Are you self-driven, responsible with a sense of ownership towards the projects you're involved in? Mostly good humoured and ever teachable?

Get in touch with Production. These entrepeneurial translators in La Hulpe keep the pace high and the spirits lifted. 

Spontaneous application

You don't see the exact job opening matching your talents but you want to get in touch with the people at Production? Send us your CV! We'll make sure the right person sees it.