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Innovation and unique culture

::projective is a business, technology and innovation consulting and change firm that operates in the financial industry. The company boasts a unique combination of industry practitioners, management consultants and delivery & technology experts, all focused on helping their clients in going through change and implementing innovative solutions.

The financial industry is a competitive market to be in, and ::projective has found its own way of motivating their team. Forget complex structures and unhealthy competition – ::projective would rather see their people work together towards the common bonus, than pitting them against each other. Result? An atmosphere of ambition without frictions, and a low turnover. 

  • 2006Creation year
  • Icon for High-trust cultureHigh-trust culture
  • 40Average age
  • Icon for Family feelFamily feel
  • 150Employees
  • Icon for InnovativeInnovative

Access by car

Parking for visitors is in front of our building. Underground parking is foreseen for employees.

Access by bus

Bus stop: 
Diegem De Kleetlaan
282, 621
200 m

Access by train

150 m


The sum of the parts is greater than the whole

With a flat structure, self-managing teams, no hierarchy, no up-or-out, ::projective rewards and recognizes the growth of a team versus that of the individual, at the same time maintaining a dedicated focus on every individual’s career track, platform and ambition.

As an inclusive company, they are passionate about driving positive change and impactful innovation across financial services; they celebrate success; and they don’t forget to have fun. They strive for quality for their clients, but also for their people. They support each other, excel through co-operation, and take collective responsibility to maintain an environment in which everyone can shine.

Are you pragmatic and down to earth? Do you believe in transparency and are open to facing your shortcomings? If your answers are yes and yes, then send us your CV, you might be the perfect fit.

Spontaneous application

Have you not found a job opening that matches your profile, but you don't want to miss an opportunity should a suitable position open? Send us your CV and we will keep an eye for you. 

We designed our ecosystem to connect the dots of domain expertise, change experience, entrepreneurship and technology-led innovation.