High trust, high performance

Imagine a group of geeks with a passion for appifying big data, who know when to have fun, and when to get down to business and disappear in the orange cushions with a laptop. You've got the picture, water pistols and all? Congratulations, you have just met the team at Riaktr.

Riaktr, previously known as Real Impact Analytics, describe their business as helping companies make impactful, data-driven decisions. Trust is the foundation of all work interactions, inside and outside of the office. Start by building personal trust with your clients, and you may end up visiting their house and dining with them. We’re all humans after all, and the management at Riaktr wants you to be just that in front of your customers.

The roadmap for projects is simple: idea-decision-implementation. No nonsense, no lavish processes or policies. You'll be encouraged to take initiatives and be responsible for those that get the green light. How you work or where you work is less important, as long as you've got the results to show for. 

  • 2009Creation year
  • Icon for High-trust cultureHigh-trust culture
  • 30Average age
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Access by bus

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Porte de Namur
34 64 71
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Wake up the globetrotter in you

Work at Riaktr happens in 2-week sprints, after which you get to show the customer what you've done. Most of the clients are based outside of Europe, so you may be presenting to Orange in Africa, to Digicel in Latin America, to VEON in the Middle East... You might even find yourself on a plane to a client meeting in the Maldives!

And that's just travel as far as work goes—the real fun starts when we talk team building. Whether it's a hike in Dubai's deserts or a skiing escapade in the Alps, ice carving or walking on fire, your company will never cease to amaze you.

Do you have a taste for adventure?

Spontaneous application

If you like working on user-friendly ways to crunch the numbers, perhaps you’ve just found your next great workplace. Don't get discouraged if there is no perfect job for you open at Riaktr right now. Send us your CV anyway!

And remember: we are open. Riaktr value good degrees from renowned universities, but will not discount bright people who have the skills but not the education.