Working for a company that links Man and Space?

At Spacebel it is possible, even if your diploma doesn’t say Space Sciences on it. This Belgian space systems and software engineering company is operating in the Space and Earth monitoring applications sectors and is active in several domains—mainly Earth observation, Space flight and science, but also telecom, navigation, exploration, launchers, balloons and space situational awareness.

  • 1988Creation year
  • Icon for Work-life balanceWork-life balance
  • 43Average age
  • Icon for Family feelFamily feel
  • 90Employees
  • Icon for InnovativeInnovative

Access by car

Liège: Follow N680 until the sign "SPI+ - LIEGE Science Park," then take the 2nd street on the right. 

Hoeilaart: Turn right after the Groenendaal station.

Access by train

Gare de Groenendaal, direction Louvain-La-Neuve (site Hoeilaart)
1 km


Space for your career

The company has three offices - the headquarters in Liège-Angleur, a site in Hoeilaart-Brussels and a subsidiary in Toulouse (F). All three of them bring together people who share their passion for the space sector, a sense of solidarity and an incredibly strong team spirit. They enjoy each other’s company and often spend time together at sports events or having a meal out. The hierarchy is rather flat and managers are very approachable, working with their office door open and always ready to coach and discuss.

There is no room for error in this sector where the success of a space mission depends on your performance and reliability. This means that projects are very demanding and tend to stretch for months or even years, so you will need patience! Respect for the customers’ needs and your colleagues’ work is also a must. When there is a challenging project, the entire team is working together to find solutions, driven by collaboration rather than competition.

Sparks your interest?

Spontaneous application

If you didn't find any job that matches your skillset, but you would still like to apply for Spacebel, please submit your CV!