Why join Worldline?

The success of Worldline is built on strong competences, fresh ideas, different points of view, intuition, and energy. It's the men and women who work for Worldline in more than 30 countries that form the human capital of the company and make its success so striking.

But Worldline goes a lot further than just managing talent. Involving and inspiring people to reach their full potential is a priority for Worldline leaders. How do they put it in practice? Through numerous development programs and opportunities for career evolution within the company.

  • 1970Creation year
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  • 11000Employees
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Access by car

Easily accessible by car, parking on site

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Brussel SABCA Walk

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Common values

The 11,000 of men and women are all different from each other. However, their work attitude shows that they share the same values. They are curious and humble, they learn every day, they strive to keep things simple and motivate each other.

In this rapidly changing sector it is crucial both to question yourself and to adapt. The people of Worldline know to do it, and they always focus on quality and efficiency, demonstrating entrepreneurial spirit and a strong sense of service. But, above all, they never turn their backs on difficulties.

And it is exactly this combination of soft skills and values that builds a team that's dynamic and innovative, where every member can develop and progress.

Do you want to participate in the Worldline adventure? Go ahead and apply!

Spontaneous application

You don't see the exact job opening matching your profile and you believe that Worldline would be missing out massively if they don't get to know you? Send us a spontaneous application with your CV! We'll make sure it gets to the right person.