Growing together

Shinka is a software house which specialises in network, security and monitoring installations. The company has been on a growth spurt ever since its creation in 2011, and has been listed by Deloitte in its 2017 Fast50 ranking. 

How do they reach their phenomenal triple-digit growth? 'Hard work in, fun and recognition out' seems to be the equation. “I’d rather have people go play a video game when they’ve had enough and come back to work with fresh energy," says one of the company's founders Steve Pezzani. And he sure put his money where his mouth is by offering the team a new 65" TV and PlayStation 4 for Christmas. 

Which is not to say that you can pop in and out whenever you want. The work hours are 9 to 17:30, and each month every employee gets 4 'tokens' they can use to push their day a couple of hours up or down the schedule. Sound like something for you, busy bees and sleepyheads? Then read on!

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Bereikbaarheid met de wagen

At the roundabout, take the exit onto rue Toussaint Gerkens/N30 (following the parking sign) and you'll find the red and grey Shinka office.

Bereikbaarheid met de bus

Bus halte: 
BEAUFAYS Rue de Hayen
150 m


A team you won't want to leave

If you join Shinka, you will gain:

  • Strong training plan – The company needs experts in their domain, so they put resources into developing their employees. They'll send you to the best courses they find, whether in Belgium or abroad.
  • Fabulous colleagues – You will not be just joining a company. You will win a whole set of new friends to play kicker or go for a beer with, and arrange playdates with your kids. 
  • Motivation to perform – Whether it’s a group bonus, personal goal incentive or a trip to Disneyland with families, Shinka makes sure to create loads of opportunities for you to give back and feel valued for what you do. 

No wonder that in the few years of its existence, the turnover has been close to zero: only one person ever decided to leave the company to pursue another career choice. And there is always room for more, because Shinka is looking to hire new colleagues! 

Are you independent and a hard worker, brimming with new ideas? Do you not shy away from putting efforts in to see results? Do you enjoy building lasting relationships with your colleagues and clients? Then check the current opportunities, you might have just found your company to grow with. 

Spontane kandidatuur

You don't see a job opportunity that is just right for you, but you still want to meet the Shinka people? Send us your CV, we will hook you up. 

Not only has Shinka grown from the three original employees to 15, it has also tripled its turnover. That's why Deloitte selected Shinka for its Fast50 ranking, which lists 50 fastest growing companies in Belgium.

Shinka won the third place in its category at the UCM's Liège Employer competition in 2016.